Sunday, May 21, 2023

                                 Hash N+261 "Naming Hash"

Sunday, 28th of May

Sunday, May 7, 2023

                            Hash N+260 "Virgin Hare Hash"

Sunday, 14th of May

Hash N+260 was set by Just Jan and virgin hare Just Caro and the starting point was the PRAÇA DO CRUZEIRO, a historically important landmark where in 1955, before the start of the construction of Brasilia, a wooden cross was erected to mark the highest point in Brasilia.

17 Hashers followed the well-marked trail through Sudoeste, an area where not many Hashers were set. So many landmarks and parks that are unknown to most of the pack were passed through and by, exploring a new part of the city.

When the pack left the staging area, there were only the cars of the Hashers parked, but when they returned the area was to everybody’s surprise full of cars, motorcycles, food trucks and food vendors. As it turned out, the place is a favorite sunset watching spot for the locals. And after a fun circle and a few cold ales, that sunset was also enjoyed by the pack. 

All in all, a shitty trail, some virgins, new friends were made and exploring a new area. That is what hashing is all about.

Next Hash will be on the 28th of June. Last one before our yearly Weekend Away Hash. Everybody is welcome, but a sense of humor is a must.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

                         Hash N+259 "Brasilia Zoo Hash"

Sunday, 30th of April

14 Hashers assembled for Hash N+259, which was a bit of a surprise as the heavens opened up around 13:30 and it bucketed down all over the city. Traffic was in utter chaos with many of the underpasses totally flooded and heaps of accidents that blocked several roads. And of course, the freshly set trail was no more…..

So Rambone and Cumming Frequently did a live trail with them leading the way and the rest of the Hashers followed them through the Zoo. Most of the Hashers haven’t been there before and were surprised how big the place was. And while some sections of the Zoo were in a stage of despair, most of the animal enclosures were in good order. The pack enjoyed a walk through the Zoo, and it reminded a lot of us how diversify and plenty the animal world is in Brazil.

After the Hash we had our traditional circle and unfortunately, we had to say farewell to one of our more regular Hashers, Cumming Frequently, in typical BH3 style. It was her last Hash in Brasilia as she is moving back to Budapest. She will be missed, but such is life in a capital city – people come and go.

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Monday, April 10, 2023

                     Hash N+258 "Asa Sul Park Hash"

Sunday, 16th of April

Just Jan and I Lost Myself had a second go at the trail that was washed out 2 weeks ago, and this time everything looked to be great. Trail was set in sunny weather and when nearly 20 Hashers started looking for the trail it was sunny with a few clouds.

With 2 virgins in the pack and a few returners, the group was in a shitty mood and soon trail was found, not after a few wanks went down the rabbit hole and found the YBF. That is part of the Hash, so all good. The trail went from the hospital sector in Asa Sul to the lake shores, under a bridge and through the embassy sector. And that is where the weather turned, and it started bucketing down. Everybody was soaked in minutes and fortunately the beer stop wasn’t too far away.

After a few golden ales, and the weather clearing, the pack finished the Hash with the usual circle and down downs.

All in all, a shitty group, shitty trail and beautiful weather all round.

 Next hash is in two weeks, rain, hail, or shine.

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Sunday, March 26, 2023

                 Hash N+257 "April Fools' Day Hash"

Sunday, 5th of April

Setting trail by beautiful weather was a breeze and very much enjoyed by Just Jan and I Lost Myself. Just Jan was a bit cheating setting the runners trail with his pushbike, but one can understand him since the hares must set trail and do the same trail again with the other Hashers.

The first Hashers assembled from 14:30 and all eyes were looking in the sky to see if the rain would bypass our location, which is part of the Brasilia weather; on one side of the street is pisses down - and the other is bone dry.

Punctually at 15:00 we had our answer; it started bucketing down. The trail was for sure gone, but that didn’t stop us in the past. But it rained relentlessly, and it was decided to abandon the Hash. Not only because of the rain, but parts of the trail were on very slippery ground, and we didn’t want to risk any injuries.

So unanimously it was decided to move the Hash to the popular restaurant Beirute for some golden ales and food. And after the word spread in the BH3 community, more Hashers joined us.

This was only the fifth time that a Hash was abandoned in 7 years; three because of Covid, and two because of heavy rains. Not a bad record.

Thank you to Just Jan and I Lost Myself for setting trail, even if nobody hashed it. Shit happens as we say in Germany and you needed the exercise anyway.

Next Hash will be in 2 weeks, hopefully the weather gods will be kind to us.

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